Clean Police LLC Your mess is under arrest!

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Are you insured?
We are insured, and background checks are run against each person in each team we work with. This is one of the major benefits associated with using our business over an individual who may claim to take these precautions but does not.

What are your Move In/Out services?
Our Move In/Out cleaning is designed to prepare an apartment or house for a new tenant; there's typically more room to be vacuumed, more baseboards to be detail cleaned, more cabinet and drawer space to be cleaned, light fixtures, etc. We include inside the fridge and inside of the oven cleanings as well.

Do you offer deep cleaning?
As far as deep cleanings go, you'll be pleased to know that all of our cleanings are deep cleanings. The only things that are considered additional are inside of the fridge, inside of the oven, and interior windows.

Do I have to be there when the cleaners arrive?
No, our clients give us a key and the alarm code before service begins. The key and code will NEVER be given to any of our associates. This is entrusted to a manager only. However, it is solely up to you if you want to be there to let us in before each service.

Who's responsible for the supplies?
We bring all of the necessary supplies, including a vacuum and paper towels. If you have a preferred product to use (e.g. for wood floors) just let us know. Most clients prefer us to use their own mop/bucket and toilet brushes.